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Transforming your daily skincare routine into vibrant face-SPA rituals, with our cutting-edge 3 in 1 Sonic V-Facebrush. It comes with 3 distinct functions - Cleanse, Massage and Rejuvenate. Tailor-made to satisfy all your skin's needs. 

Wait no more. 

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Start Your Day with Confidence

Being confident is such an important part for our daily success. We must feel comfortable in our own skin. Thus, having a healthy skin is the first step.

Begin your day right with V-Facebrush!

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T-Zone Tip of V-Facebrush, silicone facial cleanser (Pink Colour)


Enjoy a 360° degree no dead corner cleansing experience with V-Facebrush. The broader touch-points are grouped at the top of the device for precise cleansing so every area of your face will receive the cleansing it needs.

Silicone Bristle of V-Facebrush, 3 in 1 sonic face brush (Pink Colour)


V-Facebrush has a Wide-angle cleansing surface with 3677 touch points, spread in such a way that it can effectively removes up to 99% of impurities, such as trapped dirt, oil, makeup residue, dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads, while reducing the visibility of pores.

Back side of V-Facebrush, rechargeable facial cleanser (pink colour)


Softly massage your skin to promote blood circulation and stimulate collagen production. It helps to relieve tiredness, exfoliates rough dry skin, creating a softer and smoother skin tone, restoring your youthful skin, reducing visibility of fine lines and wrinkles and making your skin firmer and more elastic.


7 levels of vibration, releases up to 8000 sonic vibration per minutes, from weak to strong. Low speeds provide a gentle cleansing while the high speeds offer a deeper exfoliation, eliminating makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, blackheads, whiteheads and more. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins.


Extremely skin-friendly, the super soft silicone bristles provide a smooth, gentle and non-irritating touch, while still giving that deep cleanse you desire.


Made from eco-friendly non-allergenic silicone material. Its breathable micro-porous surface resists bacteria build-up and makes it very hygienic in keeping your skin fresh and clean.


This device is 100% Waterproof. Feel free to use it in the shower or in bath for extra relaxation.


Built in with a 3 minutes smart timer function. The device will automatically stop in 3 minutes which helps you to monitor your usage time.


We offer a 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase against any product or material defects. Read More


450mAh Battery Capacity, it allows about 100 uses on a single charge. Even if the battery is dead, it takes a mere 2 hours to fully charge again.


A unique ergonomic streamline design concept make it very user-friendly, easy to grasp and easy to operate the device.


You never have to worry about buying any replacement brush heads.

The indispensable tool for your daily skincare routine

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Wet Your Face

Wet your face and apply your cleanser to your device.

Turn On Device

Press the start key to start cleansing your face from the edges of your face and progress inwards, going in a circular motion (press the "+" or "-" key to adjust the appropriate frequency) gently rotating device on the skin, 15 seconds per position.

Wash Your Face

Wash your face with clean water.

Massage Your Face

Go on to pamper your skin with a 3 minutes massage with creams, moisturizer or oils on your face to promote blood circulation. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Apply Skincare

Complete your skin care ritual, with your favourite lotion, essence, serum or sleeping mask, using the back of the device,. It helps absorption of your favourite skincare products, rejuvenate, lift and firm your face.

Store the Device

Rinse the device with clean water and place it in a dry place to allow the device to air-dry. Ready for next use.

Enjoy your vibrant skin care ritual everyday!

Customer Reviews

You know what? I was so sceptical at first but really want to try & see whether this gadget suits me...

And.. I love it sooo much... After wearing face mask at the office for a long 9 - 10 hours, my skin is very oily, sweaty & itchy. Washing my face using this V-Facebrush makes my skin breathable again & squeaky clean.

Erin, CraftAnd Bake

The bristles are so soft and easy to hold. Love how it massages my face gently while using the cleanser. I can feel my skin is glowing even after the first use. It's easy to maintain and it's waterproof. The ergonomic design makes it easy to reach the whole surface of the face. Absolutely love it!

Doreen Wan

I am glad that I saw your posting the other day and decided to purchase the product. I only used for 2 days and I am so happy with the feel of my skin now. It feels like having a facial everyday.

Shazaalexa Francis

Novan V-Facebrush is a must have in every bathroom. Love the subtle massage it does to my face and tired eyes and the 'Glow' when I'm done.

Pat Ong

This facial cleansing brush made a whole load of difference to my dull skin. I absolutely love the clean feeling and I swear I look 5 shades cleaner!

Vichitra TRajah

I purchased V-Facebrush 2 months ago and I can't live without it anymore.

Jaya Rani

With the Novan face brush, cleansing my face is a breeze. It leave my skin clean & soft. The 1st time using it to remove my makeup, I used a makeup wipe after cleansing to check if really clean and voila...the wipe was clean.

Very pleased with my purchase.

Shameerah Navaratnam

I love the V-Facebrush as the brush is so soft & very nice. I choose sky blue colour & I love this colour when I received the item. Now I can easily enjoy face spa at home at my convenient time.

I feel my face smoother & glowing than before.

Gwyneth Loh

Love the V-Facebrush. Really save time on washing my face. I love the yellow colour as it gives a happy feel.

Ahrissara Manoharan